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What’s for Dinner? The Answer is Turkey.

Have you or your family ever said, “What’s for dinner?” or “There’s nothing to eat!” Well, look no further. The answer is TURKEY! Now you may be thinking – turkey is for the holidays! That classic perfectly roasted turkey dinner with all the fixings. Well, let us stop you right there. Yes, the traditional holiday dinner is always a hit, but turkey is so much more than just a twice-a-year kind of protein.

Whole BBQ TurkeyThe Basics – The Whole Turkey

Now, you may be thinking, ‘what could you possibly do with a whole turkey other than roasting it?’ Great question! Firstly, you can use your grill and barbecue it. The smoky flavours that absorb into the meat are to die for and we are sure you will agree when you give this a try. Secondly, believe it or not, but your turkey doesn’t have to be whole in order to cook it. You can section your turkey so that you end up with cuts that are more manageable for cooking in a variety of ways. You can skip the sectioning process by purchasing pre-cut parts from your local grocery store. You can find turkey breasts, thighs, drumsticks and wings readily available in the fresh meat section.

Next Steps – Turkey Cuts

Turkey cuts are the easiest way to incorporate turkey into your weekly lifestyle. They come in a variety of cuts, just like other proteins, and are readily available.

Turkey Breast – You can find turkey breast in a variety of sizes and cuts, such as boneless skinless, scallopini or even as strips. All of which are simple and easy to incorporate into your everyday meals. Over the summer months, we recommend turkey kabobs, a fresh salad, or wraps. When the evenings get shorter and the snow starts to fall, we love digging into pasta dishes, sandwiches, sheet pan dinners or anything from the slow cooker.

Grilled Turkey Drumsticks

Turkey Thighs – Turkey thighs are typically found with the skin on and bone-in. This dark meat cut is much larger, but don’t let the size fool you into thinking it’s not possible to cook. We love our turkey thighs grilled on the barbecue all year long – smothered in bbq sauce of course – or shredded for those pulled turkey sandwiches with a fresh slaw. Turkey thighs are also perfect for soups, stir fry and other savoury dishes.

Turkey Drumsticks – Grill em, roast em, or even smoke them. The options are basically endless. Turkey legs are full of flavour and tend to be the most economical cut of turkey in the grocery store.

Turkey Wings – We all love wings. But guess what – they just got even better. Turkey wings are DOUBLE the size of regular wings which makes them a fun appetizer or a totally wild #wingwednesday. Enjoy all of your favourite wing recipes like you normally would – honey garlic, buffalo, bbq sauce, salt and pepper, or even teriyaki.

Turkey Burger

The Breakthrough – Ground Turkey

Ground turkey may be our favourite to cook with. Not only is it versatile – which means it incorporates into any of your ground meat recipes well – but it’s lean. In fact, it’s extra lean with just 8.7 grams of fat per 100-gram serving. That’s actually just over half the fat of lean ground beef, making turkey an ideal choice for your meat sauces, burger patties, lasagna, meatballs, tacos, or even a hearty pot of chilli.

Think Outside the Box – Roasts, Sausages and Bacon

Let’s kick things up a notch. Similar to other proteins, turkey comes in a variety of further processed options, such as deli, pepperoni, franks, sausages, burgers, bacon and so much more. All of which are enjoyed in so many different ways. Deli turkey is great on sandwiches; franks, sausages and burgers are great for backyard barbecues; and turkey bacon is a lean alternative that’s enjoyed with breakfast any day of the week. You can find all of these turkey products, and so many others such as roasts, kabobs, and hams, in your local or independent grocer.

Now Your Cooking with Turkey

Now you are ready to start cooking, barbecuing, roasting, slow cooking, frying, boiling, air frying, grilling, simmering turkey. Whether you incorporate this tasty protein into your favourite recipes or want to try a new recipe, turkey is a great option any day of the week. You won’t be stuck on what to make for dinner anytime soon with this versatile protein. Browse hundreds of recipes by clicking here, or try one of our favourites, which we provided below.

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